Find Me, Find My Studio

Megan Hughes

5256 SW Dosch Road Portland Oregon 97239


Go on up the steps and take the right- hand door to my studio.

Click here for Google map of this address

§ 3 Responses to Find Me, Find My Studio

  • marty hickey says:

    hi Megan. we have 2 children; both have been playing for a couple years now and we would like to start them in lessons again. can you share how much lessons cost?
    thank you.
    Marty Hickey

    • Hi Marty, Sorry to be slow responding. My rates are based on $80.00/hour. Kids usually come for a half hour a week, so with 2, there’s your hour.
      I charge a term tuition, adding up the number of lessons in the period(around 10 weeks), in a lump sum to simplify my bookkeeping. I don’t do makeups, but am sometimes able to reschedule with enough advance notice.
      Right now I’m pretty full. In January I’ve got time Saturday afternoons, I think.

      Yours, Megan

  • This is just what a music lesson castle should look like!

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