Piano Stars of TV and Movies

August 19, 2011 Comments Off on Piano Stars of TV and Movies

Chico and Groucho Marx during the classic &quo...

No public domain pictures of Chico playing the piano so this will have to do.

Kids, these guys were really playing while the cameras rolled. They aren’t actors finger-synching.

Let’s start this list out right: Chico Marx, the best of all. Grace, style, charm and tricks. The complete piano package.

Jerry Lee Lewis. Here he is, the glissando master, with “Great Balls of Fire”

Little Richard, with “Lucille”.

Chico Marx (assisted by Harpo) from “The Big Store”

Harpo Marx playing “Wreckmaninoff”.

Send in your favorites. I’m partial to humorous playing, but I won’t discriminate against the serious stuff.

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